Our Unique Approach

First and foremost, we are not real estate agents or brokers, but highly trained investment advisors offering our clients a unique engagement of valued advisory services and market intelligence well before the transaction takes place.

In addition, we provide asset management and advisory services, well after the transaction closes. Because most firms are concerned with volume brokerage, most investors feel like the agent/broker is only concerned with their own commission. We view our approach to advise, consult and partner with our clients as an opportunity in becoming instrumental and vital in helping to achieve their real estate business objectives, as someone they view as being their business partner for life!

Our investment brokerage and advisory model is simple ­ employ an advisory, consultative and partnership approach with our clients to help them create and preserve wealth through acquiring, disposing and repositioning their equity in commercial investment properties.

Because of our specialization in multi-family, mixed use and senior-housing investments, all of our resources and support systems are tailored to understanding and serving investors unique investment needs and demands. Our track record and experience has resulted in the accumulation of extensive market knowledge, expertise in property valuation, and a proven track record of maximizing client's investment returns.

• Achieve the Highest Price When Selling and at the Best Price Possible When Acquiring
• Utilize the Most Advance Transactional Management System for Smooth Sales Execution
• Take a Consultative and Advisory Approach to Partnering and Working with our Clients
• Provide Asset Management Advise to Clients Well Before and After the Transaction Closes

We take a unique consultative approach in partnering with our clients in executing their commercial real estate engagements necessary to achieve their investment objectives, allowing for success in maximizing investment returns required to create and preserve wealth, regardless of market cycles...